Our Products

1. Decking

Our decking solutions are crafted from superior-grade timber, offering durability and aesthetic appeal for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces.

2. Flooring

We produce a variety of flooring options that exude elegance and durability, suited for diverse interior designs and preferences.

3. S4S and E2E

Surfaced on four sides and end-to-end boards are manufactured with precision, ideal for various construction and carpentry applications.

4. Door Jambs

Our door jamb offerings are meticulously crafted to provide sturdy and reliable support for doors while maintaining a sleek appearance.

5. Customized Mouldings

We cater to the specific needs of our clients by producing a wide range of mouldings, tailored to their exact specifications and design requirements.

Kaula Wood


Panyileukan Asri Residence, RW.5, Cipadung Kidul, Kec. Panyileukan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 40614

Email: sales@kaulawood.com | Phone: +62 817-6999-399 | www.kaulawood.com

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